Since 1982 SEI Laser has been one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the world of laser technology. Due to the complete range of laser systems developed by its R&D department, it is able to satisfy the application needs of customers in both vertical and horizontal markets, including: lighting, visual communication, graphic arts, paper converting, labelling, flexible packaging, folding carton, fashion, interior design, furnishing, automotive, engineering and electronics.

SEI Laser designs and manufactures:

  • systems with galvanometer scan head equipped with CO₂ and solid state laser source for marking;
  • flat-bed plotter systems with interpolated coordinate axes and equipped with CO₂ and solid state laser sources for cutting and marking;
  • OEM systems.

All SEI Laser systems use ICARO proprietary software which operates on Windows™ platform, making them easy to interface with the most evolved CAD-CAM versions on the market.

Experience, know-how and business spirit serving customers to create value.



World leading italian company SEI Laser designs and manufactures innovative laser systems for cutting and marking different kind of materials. SEI Laser’s main focus is constant innovation and continuous research. “Every application has a possible laser solution” is its slogan and its sense of daily commitment.


Our aim is to find solutions for new markets and to develop new business trends with our customers. “Revolutionary Generation”: this is SEI Laser.


1982 – 1986

Era of electronics

SEI S.r.L. is founded –Electronics and Information Technology. The activity is divided into: design and development of customised electronic control machines; design, development and production of industrial electronics.

1986 – 1996

Era of industrial machines

A decade dedicated to the design, development and production of industrial machines

1996 – 2005

Era of the laser

The company developed flexible industrial systems with integrated laser technology for applications in horizontal markets (for general purposes).

2005 - today

Era of vertical laser solutions

The path began towards the development and production of industrial laser systems specifically designed for vertical markets (for specific needs).


SEI Laser cares deeply about the environment.

The facility in Curno is equipped with photovoltaic panels that transform the sun’s energy into electricity without the use of any other fuel. In this way some 78,000 kw/h of clean, renewable energy are produced. In addition, for each kWh produced, the company prevents the release into the environment of CO2, but also all those gases responsible for heating up the environment.

The high power fibre sources combine high productivity with a corresponding reduction in the consumption of electricity of 30-40%, guaranteeing, at the same time, quality, reliability and satisfaction in many sectors of application.

Choosing a SEI Laser system means safeguarding the environment and health of workers. The line of laser systems for textiles, for example, reduces the amount of water wasted (from 70 to 90%) and the amount of toxic and chemical substances traditionally used during the various production stages, as well as eliminating the use of sophisticated and costly purification systems.

Using a SEI Laser system offers advantages in terms of eco-sustainability which, in the long term, will bring advantages in terms of reduced costs.