Flexi Denim 2C

The most flexible laser system of the Flexi Denim line.


Flexi Denim 2C has been specifically designed for the laser marking, printing and finishing of garments like blue jeans, trousers, T-shirts etc. and is able to substitute the traditional finishing operations such as discoloration, abrasion, decoration.

Flexi Denim 2C is a complete modular and flexible system, suitable for all modern production and workflow needs.

The system is equipped with two conveyors that allow both a continuous workflow (used separately) and the finishing of extra-large size garments (working jointly).

Flexi Denim 2C has a special laser preview, assisting the operator in production, facilitating even the most complicated garment positioning sequences.

EnGenius software helps to create an extremely realistic 3D modeling preview of the final garment, by visualizing and enabling the design of all desired laser finishing effects (used looks, broken effects, perforations, designs and writings). 

Thanks to the special SEI Vero function it is possible to reach a true natural look of the denim garment with full environmental care.

Main benefits:

  • Safety and modularity for an extremely simple installation;
  • State-of-the art performances for maximum energy efficiency and simplified care; 
  • Top productivity: up to 4 times more than traditional laser systems; 
  • Finishing process dramatically reducing total water consumption;
  • Remote control and diagnostic module included;
  • HI-resolution and natural effects with grey scale;
  • User-friendly software developed by SEI Laser: all steps intuitive and very simple; 
  • Double conveyor for optimization of production lead times;
  • Smart manufacturing ready (Industry 4.0).


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