Flexible packaging


Flexible packaging plays a strategic role in the Food & Beverage and fast-moving consumer goods sectors, becoming an element for recognising and differentiating a product from its competitors. More and more companies have made packaging a medium for promoting their brand awareness, giving it a fundamental role in marketing and communication strategies. Increasingly, effective packaging is being developed for the market of reference, paying particular attention to the identity of the modern consumer and his needs, which include the possibility of purchasing fresh products; the freshness and the possibility of easily opening and closing the package for the entire product life are guaranteed by the packaging.

SEI Laser machines for flexible packaging offer different innovative solutions, such as easy-open, window packaging, easy-breath, and easy-ventilation for microwave cooking.

SEI Flexible Packaging Line is a new range of laser systems designed by SEI Laser for cutting, laser scoring and macro and micro-perforation of flexible single or multi-layered films made of different materials, including paper, PE, PET, PP, nylon, PTFE and laminated films.


Very high precision in the material removal and macro/micro-perforation, the repeatability of the process over time. All these characteristics perfectly complement the application needs of the process.


Up to 400 m/min achievable in cutting, laser scoring and Cross Web (CW) micro-perforation processes with galvanometer scan heads with mobile optics (according to the die-cutting profile). Over 500 m/min achievable in cutting, laser scoring and Web Direction (WD) micro-perforation processes with fixed-optics heads.


The digital process enables immediate process changeover with a consequent and substantial reduction in times and costs (not possible in the case of “analogue” mechanical die cutters).


Laser flexibility for flexible packaging.

Packmaster CW WP

Laser machine for window packaging.

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Packmaster CW GP

Laser machine for easy-open, easy-ventilation, easy-breath in flexible packaging.

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Packmaster WD

Web direction: production speed for flexible packaging thanks to laser technology.

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Multifunctional laser machine for flexible packaging. 

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SEI S.R.L. was born  40 years ago thanks to a strong culture of engineering, to main values of loyalty and passion…


SEI Laser Packmaster CW is the laser system that SEI Laser has designed for laser cutting, laser scoring, macro and micro-perforation…


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Window packaging in line thanks to technologies integration

Flexible packaging, with all its possible applications, is today a sector in big growing but specially with potentialities yet to be discovered.…



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