Flexi Guns

Unique laser decorations and customizations to highlight the craftsmanship and man’s passion.

  • Processes: aesthetic or functional marking and engraving, texturing and checkering
  • Processable materials: wood
  • Sectors: guns and three-dimensional objects (brushes, hammers, paintbrushes and any type of object equipped with a wooden handle)


  • It is equipped with three Cartesian axes (X-Y-Z) and
    three rotary axes to process objects with different
  • Laser technology, in addition to highlighting the beauty and craftsmanship of the shotguns and their engravings, guarantees the flexibility, the repeatability and speed of a digital process, as well as the quality and accuracy of details typical of craftsmanship.
  • The software, developed by SEI Laser team, allows you to process the surface of the object with any type of texturing and checkering to create unique decorations and customizations.


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