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PaperOne 7000 and Origami: the digital die-cutting revolution

SEI Laser is proud to present two revolutionary systems: PaperOne 7000, the first modular laser system for digital die-cutting, folding and the “creasing Guru”, Origami.

Origami is the innovative 3D digital printing station that creates creasing and embossing plates with no need for outsourcing.

The file, first created in prepress with the proprietary software Icaro, is then used by Origami for the off-line creasing plate preparation.

Origami uses proprietary magnetic sheets to independently, automatically create male and female plates for high-level creasing.

The special polymer used by Origami ensures a creasing plate life of more than 15,000 copies.

PaperOne 7000 is a breakthrough system for digital converting and finishing of B1 sheet materials; it is a fully digital process from pdf to shipment!

In just a few seconds the sheets created by Origami can be uploaded to PaperOne 7000, with no idle time and with the maximum efficiency.

With a productivity of up to 2,500 B1 sheets in one hour, PaperOne 7000 offers the best uncompromising quality and accuracy!

PaperOne 7000 reads double-sided printing for a wider choice of applications. Laser die-cutting can be front or back, depending on the customer’s choice, with a clean cut and without unwanted laser reflections!

PaperOne 7000 is available in 9 laser configurations to meet even the most demanding production requirements.

The absolute quality, the minimization of production costs and the drastic reduction of time to market, make PaperOne 7000+Origami the revolutionary systems for the converting world!


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