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SEI Laser – laser innovation since 1982

SEI S.R.L. was born  40 years ago thanks to a strong culture of engineering, to main values of loyalty and passion together with working methods based on innovation and excellence.

In 1982 the genius, the professionalism and the intuition of SEI founders (now owners and strategic operative guides of the company) started a new company for the design and development of machinery and automation systems with custom electronic control and for the design, development and production of industrial electronics with the aim of becoming an industry.

During its continuing growth and evolution the company has become an important reference in the field of laser technology and a good partner for customers in order to give them innovative solutions, to create value and to think of, develop and meet the new demands of the international markets.

Nowadays SEI Laser S.p.A. is an Italian large industrial company which manufactures in Italy and exports worldwide laser systems designed and developed by the R&D department and which offers a wide range of solutions in order to meet its customers’ application needs both in the vertical and in the horizontal markets. Thanks to constant precise investments, SEI laser systems enable relevant performance with regard to costs, energy saving, sustainability, operator’s health, efficiency, product quality and above all innovation and variety of business..

40 years of precise goals, choices and changes, constant efforts and a lot of satisfaction. Anyway this anniversary is just a stage of the route for SEI Laser S.p.A., since a lot of other goals have to be achieved with the same enthusiasm, the same strength and the same values shared by the precious collaboration of the second generation.

With the utmost will and passion for following the same route, Sei Laser S.p.A. would like to celebrate this anniversary with its team in Italy and all over the world, with its managers, employees, sales agents, customers, dealers, suppliers and all the people who have helped us to achieve this goal.

Sei Laser S.p.A. is proud and thanks the contribution of everybody, the initiative and the skills of lots of people.

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