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Brand new SEI Flexi Blu exceeded expectations with its speed and productivity

Nordic Plast OÜ bought the brand new SEI Flexi Blu 1230 laser machine through our dealer KILT Laser. The machine utilizes new, groundbreaking software called Icaro Blu, that is customarily designed for SEI machines. Read the customer´s experience down below:

Why we chose SEI Flexi Blu

When Nordic Plast decided to expand our business and start a totally new line of production for our company, dot etching acrylic sheets, we thought we could just use our old laser cutting machines. That turned out complicated and I ended up googling machines that are specific for this kind of work. Funnily the first thing coming up in google results was SEI Laser’s website. I opened it and got interested pretty fast.
I decided to contact SEI´s sales representative to ask couple of questions of their machines. He was really helpful and in August, when the situation with COVID-19 was a bit better, I travelled to Italy to SEI´s demo room to see how their machines work. They showed me their SEI Flexi Blu machine and after seeing it in action the decision to buy it got really clear. It seemed like it was exactly what we had been looking for.

Collaboration with KILT and SEI?

When it comes to purchasing and all the dealings with SEI and their middleman KILT Oy everything ran very smoothly. The collaboration with KILT was really pleasant. Their representative Tomi was always reachable and helpful. I was surprised how fast everything was set up: Tomi just rang me up one day and asked if it´s okay for their team to come set up the machine the next morning. I wasn´t prepared it to be happening so fast! Everything was done in couple of hours.

Overall buying and getting the machine was faster than we expected: the delivery time was only two months. My only regret is that we didn´t buy this sooner. We bought a new laser cutting machine a year before this one and back then I didn´t look into other options. We should have already bought SEI machine.

Using SEI Flexi Blu

Our company manufactures acrylic products for sales promotion displays, interior design elements and industrial semi-finished products. Now with this new machine we can expand to etching acrylic sheets for LED lights. SEI´s machine is a game changer: it is so professional and well made. And the Blu software is really unique and helpful for creating the kind of products our customers need. After learning how it works we are very pleased with it.

Best about the machine

What I like about the product is how the machine is technically built and how it looks. It is a very solid machine and when you compare this one to any another manifacturers´ machines, it really stands out with it´s professionalism. Also when you get the machine, you have everything you needed for it in the same package. You don´t need to buy any cables or anything for it. I have had to do so with other machines I bought before from Unites States: I had to do a lot of work before the machines were up and running. In summary, I like everything about it: the looks, the package, the Blu software, the mechanics and handling.

SEI Flexi Blu affects our work

Since this is the first machine we have bought for this LGP panel purpose, we don´t have anything to compare this product with, but we are really happy with the purchase. After testing and training our staff to use the machine, we have been proven how good this machine actually is. It has had a positive impact to our work. It seems that it is even better and faster than I expected. I think it will give us a nice edge compared to our competitors because of the speed.

It´s early to say how this is going to change our company, but it seems like it was the right choice for us. I don´t have any concerns regarding the machine: it has been even better than we expected, so all good. The only question I have is when we are going to buy the second one. I don’t know when that will happen but that is definitely something we would like to do in the future.

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