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SEI Laser Mercury: twin drawers to double the productivity

SEI Laser Mercury: twin drawers to double the productivity

Each workshop, each industrial chain has its needs. For this reason SEI has customized the laser cutting solutions. A concrete example is SEI Laser Mercury, delivered to Europlast, a French company specialized in plastic processing.

Mercury cuts faster, with more accuracy, easier and more cost-effective than other laser solutions. They are common advantages in most SEI Laser systems, starting with Mercury that has been developed for cutting different plastics: PET, PETG, PMMA, etc.

Recently delivered to our customer Europlast, Mercury has been customized with twin drawers and the possibility of replacing the laser head designed for plastic processing by the one designed for metal cutting in a few moments!

Plastic cutting and production of POS displays

Europlast is an industrial company located in Paris. It is specialized in the production of displays and retail decoration (POS advertising).

His customers are important brands in fashion, perfume, media and large-scale distribution. His workshop allows him to process different materials and displays for the presentation of cosmetic products or mobile phones, for the decoration, the production of tables for TV support, etc.

With SEI Laser Mercury, equipped with a 500 Watt laser head, Europlast can cut very thick plastic materials, gaining speed in panels and thin material processing. They can engrave a logo or achieve perfect cutting edges: the possibilities are endless!

Two drawers/tables instead of one

This laser system allows simultaneous loading and unloading of material.

One table allows the operator to take the material that has been processed, while the other one allows the laser to cut the new material.

This simultaneous operation significantly increases total productivity because laser always cuts“, explains Christophe Torend, Sales Manager at SEI Laser France. For big production batches, the production time is therefore almost halved”.

Europlast is not the only company that has SEI Laser Mercury with twin drawers.

In Belgium, for example, Delplex uses it for plastic, PMMA, PETG, A-PET, polycarbonate sheets (up to 250 times stronger than glass) processing.

In particular, it produces food trays and many tailor-made products for sales and distribution, catering …

An interchangeable head to switch from plastic to metal

What is another strong benefit of SEI Laser Mercury delivered to Europlast? It has a removable laser head that can be removed and immediately replaced with an another one, dedicated to metal cutting.

Europlast needs to cut, perforate or finish thin metals such as Bandoxal, highly appreciated in advertising and communication. This metal is used to make beautiful thin lettering with a gold or silver effect (depending on the type of bandoxal). It is therefore the requested material for luxury POS advertising, such as perfumeries, leather goods, etc.

The ability to cut and engrave both plastic and metal on the same machine saves time and increases the productivity. Especially since the replacement of the laser head takes only an instant and is a very simple operation for the operator “, adds Yannick Deforges, director of SEI Laser France.

This is part of the usual two or three-day training that SEI Laser provides to the technicians during on-site installation.

To learn more about Mercury solution for laser cutting and engraving:


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