Case History


An original application created with the SEI Laser Flexi BLU system transformS a fabric into a “luminous fabric”.   The uses of luminous fabrics through optical fiber are expanding, especially in the areas such as: interior design (curtains, decorative panels, tablecloths, pillows), fashion and sportswear, fashion accessories (bags, suitcases) and safety clothing. Luminous fabrics have the same properties of the normal fabrics (strength, lightness, appearance, touch) but in addition they allow to create a unique and original product that changes appearance and colour when the LEDs are switched on.


  • Have a constant light emission on the whole fabric surface (goal impossible to achieve with other technologies).
  • Industrialize the fabric breaking process (traditional techniques require that the process is carried by an operator using a cutter).


The material to be transformed into a luminous fabric is woven with an optical fiber that is harnessed between the warp and the weft.


Light is driven into the optical fibers from one side. Without any laser processing the light will exit from the opposite side with equal intensity; this problem can be avoid by operating pre-established breaks on every single optical fiber, by doing this, part of the light is directly emitted from the breaking point itself. Moreover, thank to these breaks, it’s possible to create special luminous graphics and drawings.

In order to have a regular emission of light throughout the fabric, a laser system with dedicated software is the only solution that gives excellent quality results.

SEI Laser Flexi BLU is very flexible thanks to different models that can satisfy the maximum dimensions required.


MAIN FEATURE: to generate a micro-break on the surface of the optical fiber is fundamental to have the Z axis optimizing the laser beam size according to the size to be engraved. SEI Flexi Laser System BLU is the perfect solution!


  • Automotive: lighting solutions compliant with international standards, integrating lighting surfaces or light guides and LED source modules
  • Interior decoration
  • Lighting
  • Visual Communication: flexible and low-energy solutions for advertising, billboard or events where an artistic project is required
  • Fashion and Sportswear
  • Safety clothing.

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